Coffeehouse Discussions For Today

Coffeehouses have long been sites for debate and discussion.
Queensferry Quench follows in that tradition.

Some initial questions answered:

What is Quench?

It's an opportunity to discuss issues over a cup of coffee. Our aim is to be informal, accessible and open.

Who else will be there?

Anyone is welcome, and there is no charge (although you'll have to buy your own coffee!).

What happens at Quench?

We start with a talk of up to 30 minutes introducing the subject. This is followed by 40 minutes or so of questions and general discussion. Anyone can ask a question; no question is too simple or too hostile!

Who are the speakers?

They are people who have experience or in-depth knowledge of the areas they've been asked to introduce. As Christians, they will answer questions from that perspective. You will have your own, and we look forward to an open debate.

Will they use big words!?

The goal of Quench is to open up the issues and to create a forum for discussions that are relevant and real. We therefore aim to be clear and accessible, without dumbing-down the subject matter or making simplistic statements.

Where and when?

Quench will meet in the Orocco Pier Hotel, South Queensferry from 7.15–8.30pm. You are free to come and go as you please during the evening, although we'd recommend getting there by 7.15pm to get your coffee and not to miss the opening statements at 7.30pm.
[You can park in Binks Car Park, EH30 9RB. On-street parking also free from 5.30pm.]