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Why I am not an Atheist

Elaine Duncan is the Chief Executive of the Scottish Bible Society which supports Bible work (translation, production and distribution) around the world and seeks to encourage Bible engagement in Scotland. She has a degree in Behavioural Sciences (psychology) and has worked for eighteen months in a psychiatric unit. Her previous employment includes work with Scripture Union Scotland and the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship. Elaine is originally from Cumbria but now lives in Glasgow and works in Edinburgh and she supports the Scottish rugby team!

As a contributor to a book entitled “Why I am not an atheist” Elaine will describe her own experiences and those of people she has met throughout the world in relation to the question of truth, the testing of faith and the realism of the Bible.

Come along and engage with this topic on Wednesday 24th September at 7.15pm in the Orocco Pier Hotel. Pick up a cup of coffee and listen to Elaine Duncan’s talk entitled:

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